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Bizzy Kidz operates from a state of the art, purposely renovated, large Victorian building, which is split over two vast floors. The Bizzy Kidz environment has been decorated & resourced to a high specification in order to provide a children’s environment of extremely high quality.

The setting is split into separate age groups, these being:

  • Non Walkers - Bizzy Bugz
  • Walkers -2 & a half Bizzy Beetlez
  • 2 & a half to 4 - Bizzy Bumblez
  • 4 – 12’s –Kidz Club
Each age group has activities & experiences which are formally planned to stimulate, develop & challenge their imagination, thoughts, creativity and both physical & Intellectual capabilities.
There is a large CCTV monitored car park at the rear of the building, immediate right off of Windsor Street, from Queens Road, for safe dropping off and collection of children.

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Bizzy Kidz boasts state of the art security technology and security management systems. We have a finger print recognition access system, CCTV and Parental Webcam’s to ensure complete safety and total peace of mind for parents. Access can only be gained from the rear of the building via the car park, and entry onto the nursery premises can only be gained by parents/carers or members of staff who have had their finger print scanned, this will then bring you into our play area, where upon you will proceed to the entrance doors appropriate to your child’s group, (either ground floor or first floor), at this point you will have to ring the door bell at the appropriate door and the door will be answered to you by a member of staff within your child’s group.

The whole of the nursery both indoors and outdoors is monitored by CCTV.

We also have parental webcam, which give parents and carers the chance to observe their child whilst they are at play; it also enables parents and carers to join in with their child’s day visually whilst physically not being there.
The system is highly secure and protected and is only accessible by parents who have set up accounts with individual and personal password and codes, these accounts then have to be verified by us here at Bizzy Kidz. The system will be explained and presented to parents/carers in detail during visits to the nursery.

Any visitors or outside contractors etc. will have their identity checked & will have to sign in & out, they will also be constantly monitored via our CCTV & camera system.

If other people are collecting other than primary parents and carers, then these must be named on the child’s registration form and given unique passwords, without this information no one will be able to collect or take a child.

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Outdoor Play

Bizzy Kidz offers a fantastic outdoor play space which is fenced & totally secure and monitored by CCTV, access can only be gained to the rear of the premises and play space via the finger print scan recognition system. The play space boasts a complete soft rubberised play surface for protection of the children against bumps & scrapes, whilst at the same be used to operate pedal toys & vehicles on. The Outside Area also has a children’s play fort and separate picnic mushrooms, as well as Zebedee seats which the children can sit & bounce on. We also have a vast array of other outdoor play equipment such as outdoor sand troughs and water farms, tents, balls & bats and many trike and wheeled vehicles & much more.

All children are given helmets to wear whilst using the wheeled toys and vehicles outside.

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Sleeping and Snoozing

Here at Bizzy Kidz we have a separate Snooze Room, which is adorned with fairy lights and glowing stars in its eaves, it also has small cots and small children’s beds not mats to sleep & rest on. When it is your child’s snooze time the fairy lights will be turned on, and the children will be able to snooze or rest within the snooze room.

To ensure your children are carefully monitored whilst asleep, we carry out physical observation checks and there is also an infra red camera situated within the room so that staff, as well as yourself can monitor your child whilst they are asleep.

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Meals and Nutrition

All drinks, meals & snacks are included within the fees for children who attend for Day Nursery Care, After School & Holiday Care.
For children who attend Bizzy Kidz for “Pay as you Play” or Hourly Care, you are able to purchase a meal at the additional cost of £2.50, however snacks and drinks are included in the fees.

At Bizzy Kidz we have a well balanced, nutritious menu which gives the children opportunities to try many different tastes, textures and foods. The Seasonal Four Week Menu will be on display at all times so that parents/carers can see what their child will be eating. All our meals & snacks are prepared and cooked using top quality, healthy fresh produce. All children’s meals are prepared and cooked by our Highly Qualified & experienced Chef in our highly equipped kitchen. We pride ourselves on using high quality fresh produce and home baking & cooking, all types of processed food is strictly limited here at Bizzy Kidz.

We believe at Bizzy Kidz that mealtimes should be a pleasurable, highly social time and are an extremely important part of a child’s day and a time which presents itself to have a wealth of personal & social learning opportunities for each individual child. To build on this we ensure that meal tables are set up to mimic restaurant tables with tablecloths & flowers . Bizzy Kidz staff actively encourages at meal& snack times the use of manners & politeness.

Water is constantly available for the children, and on first attendance each child will be given a named water bottle or beaker for them to use whilst at Bizzy Kidz, this water will be refreshed many times during the day.

If you would like to download the menu just click here
A vegitarian option is also availible here.

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Rewards and Recognition

Bizzy Kidz constantly and appropriately recognises achievement, positive behaviour, sharing and kindness within children.
We have created specially designed sticky badges to reward and acknowledge various types of behaviour and good deeds that a child may show or carry out, these are

“ I have been a busy Bizzy Kid ”
“ I have been a helpful Bizzy Kid ”
“ I have been a sharing Bizzy Kid ”
“ I have been a happy Bizzy Kid ”
“ I have been a clever Bizzy Kid "

Your child will be given one of these badges to recognise, reinforce and reward anything they may do associated with these behaviour, characteristic areas.
We also have the same Bizzy Kidz sticky badges only smaller for our tinier tots.

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Development Profiles

When your child registers at Bizzy Kidz, they will be allotted a Key person, who will ensure that they monitor your child’s development and progress and maintain up to date records within your child’s individual profile, they will also ensure that they maintain a close relationship with you the parent/carer so as to ensure that we at Bizzy Kidz work in partnership with families.

The child’s key person will also ensure that they pass on any relevant information regarding the care and development of your child to all other staff and also when transferring to other groups within Bizzy Kidz.

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Trips Out

At Bizzy Kidz we enjoy taking the children out on many interesting & varied trips out, both in, near and around Bizzy Kidz such as swimming, feeding the ducks, the park etc. as well as further a field & which require transport. We will at all times seek permission for your child’s attendance on any trip on first registration and verbally or in writing prior to the actual trip.

We do have Bizzy Kidz transport which is insured and highly maintained & equipped for your child’s comfort. Our Transport is used when attending trips & outings or whilst being dropped off or collected from school, all drivers of our vehicles have a full clean driving licence and adequate insurance cover and all children will be seated in appropriate car, booster seats and harnesses.

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Birthdays @ Bizzy Kidz

A child’s birthday is a highly important occasion to us here at Bizzy Kidz. When it is your child’s birthday we ensure that they are made to feel extremely special in recognition of their highly important day.
On their birthday and their arrival at Bizzy Kidz they will:

  • Be assigned the title of birthday prince or princess for the day
  • Be given a birthday crown or hat to wear for the day
  • Be given a large birthday badge to wear which indicates their age
  • Be given a birthday balloon
  • Have a birthday tea or lunch in their honour, including a proper iced birthday cake
  • Have party games played with prizes which are provided by Bizzy Kidz
All provided for by Bizzy Kidz, don’t you wish you could come & have a birthday too!