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Bugz and Beetlez

Bugz - Non Walkers

The non-walkers area has been designed ,m stimulate both none and pre walkers, whilst offering safety and comfort to this sensitive age group. We have a low level fish tank within this group to offer visual stimulation too, whilst they are less mobile. This group focuses on the main fundamental principles in childcare

A comprehensive daily diary will be given to parents/carers on collection of your child, informing you fully of their day & fun times that they have had.

A developmental profile on your child will be set up and maintained throughout their time at Bizzy Kidz & will transfer through the age groups at Bizzy Kidz with them.

Beetlez - Walkers + Movers

Occupying a huge open plan play room, there is a vast amount of space and many different areas for children within this group to manoeuvre around and explore, all of which stimulates their natural curiosity, promoting all aspects of the children’s learning, imagination and development, now that they are mobile.

There is a large area specifically designed and equipped for messy, malleable, creative & sensory play, this area enables us to give the children many opportunities to be exposed to these varied and exciting types of play either as a group or as individuals.

A learning and development package has been developed and implemented for the Bizzy Bugz and the Bizzy Beetlez, which is built on and around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Children in the Bizzy Bugz and the Bizzy Beetlez will be presented with lots of opportunities and experiences which challenge their physical capabilities. They will also be provided with many opportunities and experiences which promote inquisitiveness & exploring. Sensory and manipulative play will be a core element of play within this age group.
A comprehensive daily diary will be given to parents/carers on collection of your child, informing you fully of their day & fun times that they have had.

A developmental profile on your child will be set up and maintained throughout their time at Bizzy Kidz & will transfer through the age groups at Bizzy Kidz with them.

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Bizzy Bumblez - 21/2 - 5 years

Your child’s learning becomes more formal & structured within this group, but will be fun & highly interactive and at times very messy!

The Bizzy Bumblez group of Bizzy Kidz is situated on the first floor of the Bizzy Kidz premises, the children in this group have a vast area to pay in & many activity type areas to choose from and the emphasis is on giving your child choice. Children are able freely to choose in which area they play & for how long (as appropriate), and when they wish to do things, which means their play becomes transient and free flowing. This group have a state of the art sensory room to play in, which gives the children an opportunity to have their senses stimulated by light, sound, touch & smell.

All of the above rooms are set up for the children all of the time and the children choose where they wish to play.

The Bizzy Bumblez 2 ½ to 5’s learning curriculum has been planned & Implemented on and around the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) Your child’s learning will be planned around topics which will run for a term of a month and will include many exciting, fun, weird & wonderful activities. Part of your child’s day will be allotted to structured learning, working on developing

  • Colour recognition
  • shape recognition
  • number recognition
  • pencil control & fine manipulation of tools
  • letter recognition
  • reading skills
  • counting skills

We also operate the 1st stages of the “Jolly Phonics" reading scheme, which many schools in the local area adopt. We adopt a certain approach in teaching your child to read which is a “phonics” based system (for more information on the sequence & steps that Bizzy Kidz use in developing your child’s reading skills, please contact the manager who will discuss in more detail) Your child will also be taught how to use and manipulate the computer, printer and associated tools & equipment. Children within this group will be divided into structured learning groups according to ability in individual areas, so will work in a variety of learning area groups and at a variety of levels individual to themselves.

Forest Schools

Forest Schools is an area of natural beauty, usually based in a woodland or open area to provide learning opportunities through child led, exciting, spontaneous activities with the emphasis based upon fun. Our forest schools sessions take place at the wooded area at Elvaston Castle for around eight consecutive weeks. Each forest schools session will be planned to deliver targets we would like the children to work on. We will tailor each session to include specific aims and learning outcomes for each individual child based upon their development.


Spanish lessons take place through a company called ‘Spanish for Children’. We have these sessions one day a week for half an hour where the children learn about animals, colours, numbers and other basic Spanish words and games. The children get to know Milo and Mapi (a cat and a mouse) who join in their games and classes.


Every Friday morning a group of six children attend the local library; they choose library books and sometimes attend the libraries singing rhymes session. The children really enjoy doing this and when they bring library books back to nursery the children enjoy keeping the books safe until they return them.

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Kidz Club - 4 - 12 years

Bizzy Kidz operates A “Kidz Club” – A Before & After School Collection & Care Service.

Breakfast Club: Your child will be given a hearty, nutritious 2 course breakfast and then dropped off in time for school, by regular & familiar staff. We drop off at schools in the local area.

After school club:Your child will be collected from school by named & regular people of Bizzy Kidz and brought back to Bizzy Kidz where they shall then receive a hearty & nutritious 2 course hot tea and then will participate in fun & action packed After School activities.

Our Highly trained staff plan & implement an exciting array of activities & experiences for the children which is age appropriate to this challenging age group of children. We have a good relationship with all schools in the local area and communicate with them on a regular basis, when your child joins us & prior to the start of each term we inform in writing who will be collecting, so as to ensure an on-going partnership with the schools and so as to ensure the total security of your child. We ensure that both school & our staff are aware of children’s classes, teachers & meet/drop off points, all of which ensures parents have peace of mind.

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Holiday Club

During the school Holidays Bizzy Kidz offers a fun action packed holiday club for children. A programme of activities are planned based on a topic such as The Circus, Spy & Detective Week, recycling week & many many other topics, during the week the children will participate and carry out associated activities, tasks & play associated with the topic for example:

The Circus - learning how to juggle, designing & face painting clown faces, constructing a marquee, Diablo rolling & much, much more

The children will also go on trips (weather permitting) throughout the week, such as going to the park and many more at no cost for the parent. We will also go on paid trips for example the castle if this was the topic Packed lunches will be provided whilst on trips.

The holiday club operates during school holidays at the Bizzy Kidz nursery in the Bizzy Den. this facility ensures our children have lots of space and rooms as well as a large outside grassed area for sports and team games, water fights, picnic’s &much more. We also have a wii, Parachute Games & much more equipment & resources for both boys & girls. 3 to 4 weeks prior to each Holiday Club a Holiday Club pack is sent out to all parents on our mailing list which includes an upcoming programme of events, this pack also contains a booking form should you wish to book. To join our mailing list please contact us!

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