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Every 3 months Bizzy Kidz will send out a newsletter to all it’s parents & carers “The Bizzy Bulletin, the newsletter will contain past, present & future news related to Bizzy Kidz, it’s practices & staff & much more, as well as topical issues for parents.

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Parents Evening

Every 6 Months we hold parents sessions at Bizzy Kidz, this provides parent/carers opportunities to discuss on a one to one basis any aspects of their child’s care, development and learning as well as any other issues, staff will also discuss your child’s individual profile in detail with yourselves at this session, you will also be given a hard copy of your child’s development report, which will also have been discussed with yourselves at our parent session, if you cannot make the particular session, your child’s development report will be sent home to you.

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Functions and Events

Throughout the year, various social functions are planned & held that parents and staff have the opportunity to attend alike, this ensures the strong relationship building between parent/carer and child carer and gives the opportunity for staff to interact and talk with parents and carers on a more social level.

Examples of Social Events & Functions are:

  • Pre-school & Foundation Stage Information evenings
  • Easter Bonnet Parades
  • Christmas Events
  • Designer Children's-wear parties
  • Handbag Parties
  • Body Shop Parties
  • Jewellery Parties
  • Card & Party Invitation Parties

All designed so that parents can meet other parents who attend Bizzy Kidz and also it’s staff in a social setting.

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